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9th September 2010

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admit it: you were all waiting with bated breath as to the fate of sheyla hershey, the proud owner of the world’s largest breasts. after multiple surgeries got her to her current m cup, it was her last implant surgery—which took place in brazil—that had her running for the hills. this time, something didn’t feel right. once back in the states, sheyla visited a surgeon who told her that a staph infection had reached both of her breasts, an infection that could take her life if she didn’t act quick.

while removing the implants would be the fastest way to try to improve her health, sheyla couldn’t part with her girls. for the past three months, she did everything she could to save them, self-administering infusions of intravenous antibiotics every 12 hours. but alas, her fight has come to an end: sheyla had to have both implants removed, as well as most of her own breast tissue—the final swift kick to the butt, er, breasts.

she may have lost the very things she held most near and dear to her heart, but she’s lucky to have gotten out of this situation alive. now she says she can focus more on her children and try to get over her breast and plastic surgery addiction.

i wish you the best of luck at breast addicts anonymous, sheyla. but i have a feeling you won’t be too anonymous…

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